Soldier On Mentor pilot program

Soldier On’s Mentor Program off to a flying start

Soldier On’s new Mentor pilot program in partnership with Sage UK has taken off with great success, with the scheme launching in 4 different locations in Australia due to high demand from Veterans.

Pathways Program Director, Prudence Slaughter said; “We’re delighted that we’ve had such positive feedback already from participants in the Soldier On pilot Mentoring program. At the halfway mark, a number of the Veterans taking part have already indicated that the pilot scheme has helped them to gain confidence and build their professional network.”

“On behalf of Soldier On I’d like to thank Sage UK who have partnered with Soldier On to make this happen and thank you to all of our Soldier On Mentors for taking part in the pilot project to help support Veterans and their families in this way. This Mentoring program is helping to enable Veterans and their families to make new professional contacts and go on to secure their future career – enabling them to thrive.”

The 3 month pilot project has now passed the halfway milestone with 11 industry mentors and 11 mentees participating. The scheme sees Veterans meeting with their mentors regularly to help participants in the pilot program currently based in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Newcastle.

The Mentor program links industry professionals, many of whom are Veterans themselves, with Veterans who are looking at a career in the same or similar industry and connected to the Pathways Program, with the support of Soldier On Pledge companies. Soldier On Pledge organisations have made a tangible commitment to providing Veteran-supportive employment opportunities, training and workplace culture.

“I wanted to be a Soldier On Mentor to give back and help support other Veterans to ensure they receive a greater level of support whilst they and their family are transitioning out of Defence.” – Chris, Soldier On Mentor.

Halfway through the pilot Mentor program Veterans are reporting an increase in career confidence – with many building their professional network, developing their personal career plan and gaining industry tips and insights from their coach. There have also already been some job placements due to the Mentoring program.

“It’s tough leaving Defence but you can adapt. Reaching out to organisations like Soldier On and building your support networks during your transition period is crucial. Soldier On’s mentoring program provides you and your family the opportunity to build national support networks, develop your future career path and provide opportunities for your families.” – Chris, Soldier On Mentor.

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