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From Army Veteran to Employment Support role helping Veterans

Jason joined the Army when he was 17 with a view to having a career in the military for life. He enlisted, beginning his Army career in combat and serving proudly in the Australian Defence Force for 4 years. After 4 years, Jason was medically discharged out. Jason had wanted an Army career for life, wishing to remain in the Army if at all possible, as he was truly committed to serving others in the Australian Army.

After transitioning out of Defence, like many Veterans, Jason wanted to continue to make a positive contribution to society and find a long-term meaningful career. Leaving the Army had a big impact on Jason and his family. Post-service Jason went on to work in the security industry before moving into commercial roles. Whilst he was working, he continued to search for his true career purpose –reaching out to Soldier On for Employment support about 12 months ago.

Jason contacted Soldier On’s Pathways team for assistance with securing his future career. The Pathways Program provides veterans and family members with practical career and job search assistance and connections to veteran-supportive employers. From updating resumes, to job interview preparation, the Pathways team help enable veterans and family members to find and secure future employment opportunities.

Fast forward a year, and Jason has recently been employed at Soldier On, in a role which will help enable other veterans and their families to secure their future careers. Jason has finally found his career pathway to long-term meaningful employment.

“My passion and purpose is to contribute to assisting our veterans and families, I’ve given myself a mission statement which says ‘I can no longer serve in the Defence force, although I can serve those from the Defence force’. 

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with Soldier On and look forward to the future ahead,” Jason says. 

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