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From Australian Army to successful Consultant at QinetiQ Australia

Leaving the Army can be challenging for many. Transitioning out of the ADF and looking for a job post-service can be difficult, especially during a global pandemic, which presents additional challenges for job seekers. After 10 years in the Army Veteran Joemike reached out to Soldier On after struggling to find a job during the Covid-19 pandemic. Setting in motion his new career path.

Joemike was in the Australian Army for over a decade. He joined straight out of high school as an artillery man, following in the footsteps of his grandfather.

“I wanted to continue our family tradition of serving in the military. I felt like joining defence would give me a purpose and set me up for the future. I also wanted to serve because I wanted to give back to Australia, a country that has given me plenty of opportunities.”

Joemike was on the frontline as a Royal Australian Artillery – Gunner, later transferring on to logistics and working as a Cargo Specialist, before deciding to transition out of the ADF after 10 years. 

In 2020 Joemike put his discharge in; “I got in touch with Soldier On and attended some of the Pathways Program networking events. With the whole Covid-19 situation, it’s really tough to get a job – I was rejected from numerous job applications.”

Transitioning out of Defence can be challenging – that’s where the Pathways Program can really help enable veterans and their families – ensuring they gain confidence and recognise the value and high-level skills they bring to the civilian workforce.

Soldier On’s Pathways Program provides free employment and education support to veterans and their families – enabling them to secure their future career. The Soldier On program works in collaboration with veteran-supportive organisations, called Soldier On Pledge Partners. The program introduces veterans and their families, to companies who recognise the high-level skills acquired in the ADF and acquired by defence family members.

After leaving defence, Joemike got in touch with the Pathways team for support with his job search – setting his new career path in motion. The team assisted Joemike with his resume, enabling him to update his CV for the civilian job market and focus his career goals, as well as introducing him to specific veteran-supportive companies looking for his high-level skills, including Soldier On Pledge Partner QinetiQ.

“The Pathways team really listened and tailored their support for me. What really made a difference was helping me understand how to translate my military skills and what kind of jobs were available to me. They helped me step out of the box I was thinking of, assisting me with resume advice and coaching. The Soldier On Pathways Officer researched job opportunities and explained how my skills were matched to particular jobs. They also helped explain my potential to future employers which enabled me to get my new job. I’m excited to have recently started my new role working as a Consultant for QinetiQ.” added Joemike.

QinetiQ is one of over 80 organisations who have recently signed up to the new Soldier On Pledge. Companies that sign the Soldier On Pledge make a true commitment to providing veteran-supportive employment opportunities. Many of Soldier On’s Pledge companies are veteran-led, recognise the high-level skills acquired in the ADF and truly understand the veteran community.

“The team member’s skills gained through the Australian Defence Force are highly sought after within QinetiQ. The skills and the shared cultural and professional aspects from being a member of the ADF make it easy for a veteran to transition into our company. These skills and knowledge are totally transferrable into what QinetiQ provides as a service.

“Collaborating with Soldier On has assisted QinetiQ to find the right fit for both the person and the company, helping to empower that team member to thrive and build on their skills and experience.

What Soldier On offers for transitioning ADF members is the skills to identify the small things that a person has done in their career that seem insignificant but are highly sought after in our industry. It is amazing that Soldier On provides that launching pad and opportunity for ADF members to be prepared for a career after the ADF.” – Matt O’Rourke, Principal Consultant, QinetiQ.

Joemike recently began his new role working for QinetiQ based in Melbourne. He started his new position as an ILS Consultant, working for the company remotely from home, due to social distancing restrictions in place in Victoria due to the global pandemic.

Matt O’Rourke, Joemike’s Manager at QinetiQ is proud to have Joemike on his team;‘Joemike has excelled in all areas of his role adapting his knowledge and skills seamlessly into what he does. The client is absolutely amazed at how quickly he has made such a positive impact and the quality of work he delivers.

I am incredibly proud to have him in my team and QinetiQ is just so fortunate that he chose to be part of our organisation. My colleagues and I cannot speak more highly of him.” 

Joemike is enjoying his new career path, despite the challenges presented by starting a new job during the COVID-19 pandemic and is looking forward to developing his future career at QinetiQ.

Joemike adds; “I’m enjoying the challenge of learning something new and looking forward to exploring my potential and opportunities in the civilian world, personal developments and taking my skills and attitude acquired through defence to help the company prosper.

 “I strongly believe that Soldier On played a big part of transitioning straight into a job after defence. The service I received acted as a bridge to new employment helping me sell my skills and look outside the box.”

Soldier On’s Pathways Program support

Soldier On provides free education and employment support via the Pathways Program to current and ex-serving ADF members, veterans, defence partners/spouses and defence family members. Contact:

The Soldier On Pledge

The Soldier On Pledge is a way for veterans and their families to easily recognise veteran-supportive organisations. Companies who sign The Pledge make a true commitment to supporting veterans and their families and helping them secure their future careers, in collaboration with the Soldier On Pathways Program. Veterans and their family members are connected to Pledge organisations who may be actively recruiting, via the Pathways Program and at Pathways networking events.

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