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Soldier On’s Pledge kick-starting young Veteran’s post-service careers

More than 130 veteran-supportive Pledge organisations have committed to the Soldier On Pledge so far this year, helping to enable more Veterans and their families to secure their future careers. With almost 40 companies signing the Soldier On Pledge in the past 3 months alone.

One of the most recent Pledge companies to sign up to the new Soldier On Pledge is World Fuel Services Australia. One WFS employee knows first-hand the positive impact the Pathways Program can have for young Veterans, having been supported by the Pathways team and introduced to World Fuel Services Australia.

Veteran Matthew Brummell, World Fuel Services Australia employee and Soldier On Pathways Program participant
Veteran Matthew Brummell, World Fuel Services Australia employee and Soldier On Pathways Program participant

Matthew Brummell, a former Australian Regular Army Warrant Officer and now a thriving member of the World Fuel Services Australia staff team, said he was thrilled to continue to work closely with Solider On in connection with the Pathways Program and Soldier On Pledge, and draw upon the tailored support available which enabled his smooth transition to a new career.

“I personally appreciated the advice and guidance that I was provided. It enabled me to join the World Fuel Services team and work in an environment that genuinely values the skills sets and values that are important to any veteran,” explains Matthew. 

“I grew up on the central coast of NSW with both my parents and one sibling. I joined the military at 22 years old as I was wanting to gain further life experiences. My career in the military has spanned 18 years; predominately with Special Forces, showing me a great diversity of people and military capabilities.

The Soldier On Pathways Program has helped me understand the process for life after service with elements such as resume building, job applications, networking events and mental health support.

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Matthew Brummell pictured with Soldier On Pathways team members

World Fuel Services Australia is committed to those who serve and who have served. World Fuel Services Australia recognises and values the unique skillset Veterans have and what it takes to be part of a highly effective team. The Veterans skillset is an integral element of the World Fuel Service Australia inherent culture.

Working collaboratively with Soldier On enables World Fuel Services Australia the opportunity to show its commitment to the veteran community and keep us accountable for this commitment. I would personally welcome all companies to take the Soldier On Pledge so they too can be held accountable.

The tailored support and advice provided by the Pathways team is meaningful and genuine. I would strongly encourage all veterans and their families to reach out to Soldier On,” adds Matthew.

Soldier On’s Pathways Program team supports serving and ex-serving veterans throughout their employment transitions and connect them with veteran-supportive Soldier On Pledge organisations.

The Soldier On Pledge

World Fuel Services Australia has recently been recognised as a Soldier On Platinum Pledge Partner committed to providing veteran-supportive recruitment, retention, training and workplace culture.

Organisations that sign the Soldier On Pledge make a public commitment to supporting veteran employment, collaborating with Soldier On’s Pathways Program to enable more veterans and their families to secure their future careers and thrive. If your company would like to commit to the Soldier On Pledge find out more here: 

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World Fuel Services Australia has been recognised as a Soldier On Platinum Pledge Partner. WFS employees pictured with Soldier On staff at the Robert Poate Centre in Canberra.

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